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Lake Placid may change alcohol laws

LAKE PLACID - A proposed ordinance would lift many restrictions to alcohol sales in the Town of Lake Placid, including removing the minimum distance requirements between schools and churches and establishments that sell alcohol.

Also, the town council will consider lifting the Sunday requirement that bans alcohol sales prior to 1 p.m.

Town Administrator Phil Williams said some of the council members are considering allowing restaurants to serve wine on a patio and some council members want to relax the distance restrictions between establishments that sell alcohol and churches and schools.

There are some current establishments that are "questionable" concerning the separation requirement, he said.

The council probably wants the town's alcohol ordinance to be consistent with state laws and other ordinances currently in the county, but he is not sure what the council may decide, Williams said Wednesday.

Council will consider a proposed alcohol sales ordinance at its meeting at 5:30 p.m., Monday.

The ordinance would delete the different hours for Sunday sales and repeal the section prohibiting sales near schools and churches, Williams said.

Council Member Debra Worley supports the proposed changes.

"We have so many churches and schools downtown we can't open anything," she said. "So we talked about changing the distances.

"Also, and the most major thing would be allowing alcohol sales on Sunday, instead of making people wait until 1 p.m., which would be huge because I think we would be the only place in the county where you could actually go to the store and buy alcohol on Sundays" before 1 p.m., she said.

It may help the downtown businesses, Worley said.

Visitors who come from areas without these restrictions don't like it because they aren't prepared, she said. It kind of ruins their vacation if they were planning to have friends stop by and watch the game and they can't prepare for the game.

The council members seem to be in agreement on amending the town's alcohol ordinance, Worley noted.