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Lake Placid Police post DUI suspects on Facebook

LAKE PLACE - If you get caught in Lake Placid driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, your booking photo will be posted on the Lake Placid Police Department's Facebook page.

Police Chief James Fasler started the policy of posting the photos of those charged with DUI about five weeks ago and thus far two mug shots have been posted from DUI arrests.

"I am hoping we can deter anybody from even thinking about getting a DUI there," he said.

Fasler said the town doesn't get many DUI arrests in a year, usually less than 20 per year.

In his carer with the department, Fasler has seen a few crashes that involved drunk drivers.

A man who was intoxicated was involved in an accident with a deputy just outside the city limits a few years ago, he said. Also, he recalls a motorcyclist was killed near U.S. 27 and South Main Avenue many years ago by a DUI driver.

"So we certainly try to deter the DUIs as much as we possibly can," he said.

The first name and photo that was posted on the department's Facebook page was from a Nov. 6 DUI arrest, which was posted Nov. 12. A second DUI arrest from Nov. 22 was posted on Nov. 25.

On the first posted DUI arrest, the department advises, "Driving intoxicated is very serious and very dangerous. It is one of the most irresponsible crimes a person can willingly involve themselves in. If you are arrested for DUI in Lake Placid, plan to have your face placed for all to see. No one can afford to have a loved one killed due to someone else's ignorance."

The two DUI posts prompted one comment and a total of 30 "likes" on Facebook

Fansler said so far there have been positive responses, which was expected.

"People frown on folks getting behind the wheel and driving intoxicated because it's a selfish act," he said. "You take somebody else's life in your own hands when get behind the wheel and drive that way.

"If you are going to be that selfish and inconsiderate then we are going to post you up on our Facebook page and let everybody know that you are that selfish and inconsiderate. When they see you driving down the road they are going to be aware of you."

The department's Facebook page started about five weeks ago so he is just starting to use it as a tool to get information to the public, Fansler said.

The arrest posts will probably expand to other situations, he said.

Since the department's Facebook page was created on Nov. 5, one other arrest was posted on Nov. 7, which involved charges of burglary and grand theft from an ambulance.