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Learn about gopher tortoises

- Just how long can a gopher tortoise live? How do they survive in such extreme wet, dry, hot or cool conditions typical of the Florida scrub?

Betsie Rothermel, herpetologist and program director at Archbold Biological Station, will present insights and stories about gopher tortoises from 1:30 to 3 p.m. Sunday, April 27 in the East Meeting Room of the Learning Center at Archbold.

The public is invited to attend to learn about the great odds tortoises must overcome to survive and thrive in the Florida scrub, and get a glimpse into the daily life of this long-lived burrowing reptile.

"Decades of research on this threatened species continue to be analyzed, while new data are collected and documented," Rothermel explained. "Students in our program are learning new and intriguing facts about tortoises, such as how long might they live. This research helps Archbold protect tortoises at the Station and throughout the Heartland."

The public is also welcome to enjoy a walk in the scrub on any of the self-guiding trails after the talk or during any normal operating hours.

Trail guide booklets and other informational brochures are located in the information rack at the entrance of the Learning Center.

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