Letters to the editor

Truth will never be known In response to the letter from Robert E. Gilmore, it is unbelievable that you state how clear the facts of the Zimmerman case are, sir. The real truth is only two people know what really happened and one of them is dead. Mr. Zimmerman lied to the court, blatantly hiding his financial situation and changed his account of the evening in question. I am still wondering where are the bushes he said Mr. Martin jumped out of. You can cite rhetoric all day and tell of its clarity, but no one will ever know the real truth as to what happened that night.
Mary Cook Avon Park No one cares I have only one thing to say about the birth of the baby to Kate Middleton of the royal family - who cares! I have known many hard-working women who have given birth to children and they are of much greater worth than this woman. She has never had to work and never will. People who love such "royalty" are those who live in a fantasy world. Donald A. Devine Lorida