Letters to the editor

Merry Christmas

Atheists, agnostics, non-believers and anyone else that fits the profile. It's that time of year again where the aforementioned group comes out in force to rant and rave about their rights and sensibilities because of a Christmas tree or nativity scene on someone's front lawn.

The ACLU ramps up its legal force of 25-year-olds fresh from law school who only see things in black and white (with no gray area, which, by the way, they will see when they are about 50 or 60 years old), ready to do battle with some group that wants to celebrate the season in the way it has been celebrated for thousands of years. It amazes me and for the life of me, cannot understand what their problem is.

I don't like sci-fi or horror films. But I don't stand in front of the mall movie theater and demand they not be shown; I simply don't go in. What is it to you if someone says Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holidays? Does that really ruin your day? No one is demanding that you go to church. No one is making you believe anything you don't want to, so what is your hang-up about people who do want to enjoy the season?

Stand-up comedians started all this politically correct nonsense in the '70s and '80s so that now it is part of our lives and it has affected everything we do. Again, I simply don't understand why someone hates the trappings of a religious nature so much that it requires them to protest in such a way to bring attention to themselves. If you don't like it, ignore it and leave the rest of the people alone. It shouldn't be any skin off your nose.

Besides, if you don't protest, the ACLU can relax and they won't have to work during the holidays.

Merry Christmas, everyone.

Hal Graves