Letters to the editor

Liberal conspiracy

The liberal propaganda machine (mainstream media) loudly espouses the hatred, bigotry and lies given to them by their virulent extreme liberal handlers.

Here's a good one: "President Bush lied to the country prior to the Gulf War." No he didn't, he received the same information Congress did. You know, the Congress that voted to go to war.

Bush did it the right way, according to our Constitution. Yet the liberal press even went so far as to blame President Bush for hiring the hijackers to fly into the Twin Towers to protect his oil interests. You can't make this stuff up.

Now let's look at Obama.

Obama has been caught red-handed misleading and lying outright to the American people and the world so many times his administration is a universal joke.

Yet the mainstream media blame conservatives, who they repeatedly aver are all racist, tea party members, who they portray as the lunatic fringe.

The mountain of proof against this corrupt administration is in plain sight, such as the IRS targeting of conservatives, the Obamacare fiasco, or Holder refusing to enforce constitutional law Obama doesn't like.

My favorite is conservatives criticizing Obama for his handling of Putin's invasion of the Ukraine and Crimea is decried as undermining our fearless commander-in-chief's ability to conduct foreign policy.

Obama never had a foreign policy nor the respect of any foreign leader. The proof's there; you have to find an unbiased information source to find it. Try the BBC, CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Co.) and even Al-Jazeera has some good points of view.

Listening to one biased news source turns you into a bigot. Not to mention allowing the least competent president in this great country's history to blather platitudes, socialist dogma ad infinitum to the gradual breakdown of our society that he and his wife hate so vehemently.

Their quotes from college days to the present, vowing the destruction of our society, are a matter of public record.

Charles Reynolds


Airplane vs. parachute

Many of you have probably seen, on both local and national news, the ongoing photos of the parachute entangled with a Cessna 170 airplane at Lakeland South Airport.

Lakeland South Airport is a non-towered airport. That means that there are procedures for airplanes to fly from a non-towered airport to keep them safe since some do not have radios.

The recent trend for skydivers to have the jump plane radio that there is parachute jumping over an airport from a specific altitude does not mean all safety precautions have been adhered to for the safety of both parachute and plane as described by the skydiver involved.

As a certified flight instructor with over 20,000 hours of flight time, 50 years as a flight instructor, I am well aware of the non-towered airport safety procedures and the problem with skydiving within those areas.

It is not unusual to hear radio broadcast from Lake Wales, Chalet Suzanne, Homestead General Aviation Airport as well as the very large skydiving activities in Clewiston's Airglades Airport coming over the radio on the frequency used for non-towered airports.

A pilot on take-off and landing, especially with an airplane like the Cessna 170, which requires attention to directional control devoted to the runway, realizes that he is not allowed to take off or land while another airplane is on that active runway.

Parachutes and sky divers are not conforming to the airport traffic pattern or the regulations and safe operating practices that pertain to pilots.

It is a miracle that the skydiver was not chopped up into small pieces by the Cessna 170's propeller. It is also a miracle that the airplane pilot was not severely injured.

However, that is not to say that possibility is not just a day or so away. The prudent and safe operation of Skydivers is to have them "land" in an area that is not an airport runway.

It is also important to realize, and remember, that all airplanes do not have a radio nor should they be required to have one when operating from a non-towered airport.

It has been known for some time now that automation in airplanes has taken over the "stick and rudder" skills from the pilot. This was not the case of the Cessna 170 pilot involved with the parachute that snagged onto the airplane wing and cart wheeled the plane and pilot into the ground.

It is past time to use better judgement pertaining to safety of parachute jump zones and landings. To skydive from a plane and assume that a radio message will clear the area is unrealistic. To plan a landing on an active airport runway is insane.

Rob Mixon