Letters to the editor

The “hand basket” business

After carefully considering all the problems our politicians have created for us and the road they are leading us down, I have come to the conclusion that I am going into the “hand basket” manufacturing business.

It appears the whole country is going to hell in a hand basket and the demand for hand baskets will exceed the supply.

Does this logic seem reasonable to you?

Charles H. Wiggins


Shame as a leverage

Shame is considered one aspect of socialization in all societies. According to anthropologist Ruth Benedict, culture may be classified by its emphasis on the use of either shame or guilt to regulate the social activities of individuals.

Shared opinions and expected behaviors and potential associated feelings of shame are in any case to be effective in guiding behavior of a group or society.

In dysfunctional families, if you do not do enough, do it correctly or please me, you will be shamed into doing more for me as you are made to feel guilty because you have failed.

The cycle continues because if you fail it is most certainly your fault.

In our country, we have been white-only slave owners, stolen Mexico from the Mexicans and stolen Native American land.

There has been no mention of black slave owners and even slave breeders, having given half of Mexico back to the Mexicans after we won that war, of other tribes having fought for and taken those lands previously.

We have been told in our Black History Month about Rosa Parks and the civil rights movement, but no mention has been made of the first black female who successfully started and ran her own business becoming the first black/female millionaire.

All of this needs to be taught in our schools as it pertains to America and this history as seen in the movie by the same name.

America has been placed in the pit of shame and is no different than the dysfunctional family that uses shame to control and get what it wants. What better way to organize a society or family than by the use of shame to achieve certain goals?

How can we turn children away from our border? How can we not make sure that everyone on welfare has a phone, food and is taken care of by our government? How can we not have a Social Security system that uses that money to take care of the less fortunate, including resettlement money for those who come into our country? Oh, you don’t agree? Then there must be something wrong with you and you should feel very guilty... Shame on you.

Rob Mixon