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Lorida man arrested for burglarizing dead grandad’s trailer

— Deputies have charged a Lorida man with breaking into the home of his deceased grandfather.

Seth Kim Porter, 38, 1809 Underwood Terrace, was jailed on two counts of burglarizing a dwelling, theft of a firearm and grand theft.

On May 31, deputies investigated the death of Chris Bartscht, 1820 Underwood Terrace. The next day, they were called again by Bartscht’s executor, Beverly White.

Two missing all-terrain vehicles and a trailer were found on Porter’s property, according to an arrest report by Deputy Joel Brown. Porter told deputies that he had paid Bartscht for all three vehicles in March. Later, they discovered two rings were missing from a table, and that several firearms were no longer in a gun safe.

On the third day, Porter consented to a search of his trailer and made conflicting statements about how he came into possession of two firearms and ammunition. Three Ruger Mini-14, Remington and Smith & Wesson rifles, two Mossberg and Stevens shotgun, a black powder revolver and a .380 handgun were found behind a false wall in a bedroom closet.

A list of 20 items removed from Porter’s residence included two marine batteries, handcuffs, a $2,000 night vision scope, 20 .223 ammunition magazines, a Smith & Wesson knife set, 125 boxes of ammunition and six containers of black powder.

Officers went back on the fourth day with a search warrant and removed a chain saw, a generator, a checkbook, a safe and 2013 tax returns.

The total value was $14,460, all of which had belonged to the deceased, Brown reported.