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LP election qualify period underway

LAKE PLACID - The one week qualifying period for the April 8 Lake Placid municipal elections started Monday and will end at noon Friday.

The terms of Mayor John Holbrook, Councilwoman Debra Worley and Councilman Mike Waldron will expire this year.

Thus far, Holbrook and Worley have qualified to run for reelection and former town clerk Arlene Tuck has qualified to run for a seat on the town council.

Also, William "Pep" Hutchison has pre-filed to run for the District 5 Seat on the School Board of Highlands County.

Since he was defeated in 2012 in his bid to unseat incumbent Wally Cox for superintendent of schools, Hutchison has attended education summits in Boston and Washington, D.C., and has been volunteering and serving as substitute teacher in a Lake Wales school.

Clinton T. Culverhouse had previously filed for the District 5 Seat that was vacated when Andy Tuck was appointed by Gov. Rick Scott to the State Board of Education.

The qualifying period for the Aug. 26 General Election is the week of June 16.