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LP moves to curb parking congestion

LAKE PLACID - The recent re-striping of a section of North Magnolia Avenue is the first step the town will be taking to alleviate parking congestion next to a restaurant where vehicles were blocking the roadway.

At a recent town council meeting, a number of options were discussed to address the parking congestion on North Magnolia Avenue near Chef Buddy's restaurant.

On the meeting's agenda, Town Administrator Phil Williams stated that the town had received several complaints regarding parking on North Magnolia near the entrance to Chef Buddy's restaurant. Currently there are no markings for parking, which is confusing to customers.

At the council meeting, a few photos were displayed showing the area and the problem, notedly a photo of a diagonally parked extended cab pickup truck with its back bumper about two feet from the double yellow center lines of the roadway. At least one other pickup in the background appeared to be parked about two feet of the center of the roadway.

Williams said Police Chief James Fansler's proposal to make it a one-way street was opposed by many.

Williams suggested cutting the length of the sidewalks to about 2 feet and then repaving the area of North Magnolia near East Interlake Boulevard.

Councilman Ray Royce said if it was repaved between the sidewalks there is not enough room for diagonal parking on both sides of the street so one side would have to be parallel parking.

"We need to delineate were the parking is," he said. "Those folks [Chef Buddy] have made a tremendous investment in that property; there is going to be continued ingress and egress from that road; the small church behind it seeking to perhaps have a day care.

"A lot of things are going to happen that we need to make the improvement for a block right there on Magnolia and pave it and re-stripe it however best it works out."

Councilwoman Debra Worley said she agreed that the town, as it redevelops, needs to address parking situations.

"This is just wonderful they have done a great job there, but there is not room for the existing parking," she said. There has to be parallel parking.

Mayor John Holbrook said there is a consensus to repave it, keep the angled parking on the east side and change to parallel parking on the west side against Chef Buddy's building.

Discussion continued about how far north the road should be repaved.

Worley noted there is additional parking near the church and farther north on Magnolia.

Royce said the immediate concern is that people are parking "improperly, illegally and dangerously" because there is no clear delineation of where parking should be.

He said the area father north could be addressed later, but now the first 300 to 400 feet of North Magnolia next to Chef buddy's needs to be re-striped so it's clear about how people should park.

Public Works Director John Komasa said the project would have to go out for bids because it would exceed $5,000.

Royce asked if the existing roadway could be painted to show that it is parallel parking?

Komasa said it could be done on a temporary basis.

Councilwoman Debra Worley said Thursday that the parking area has been re-striped.