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LP police identify clown college vandals

—Lake Placid police have identified five minors in the vandalism of Toby the Clown Foundation School & Museum, Chief of Police James Fansler said.

The break in the case came while the police were investigating a separate incident of vandalism at the DeVane Park pavilion and pavilion cameras caught one of five juveniles writing an expletive in large letters on the pavilion floor, using the fruit of a nearby tree, Fansler said.

“Lake Placid police officers received admissions regarding the clown college vandalism from two of the juveniles present,” he said.

The two admitted to throwing rocks at the clown college on two separate occasions, breaking several windows and damaging window frames, he added.

The two juveniles agreed to speak to a Lake Placid Police Department detective, who learned of other juveniles involved in the vandalism, Fansler said.

The detective interviewed all the minors involved, receiving an admission from each one, he said.

Earlier in the day, authorities were involved in contacting the Department of Juvenile Justice in regards to prosecution. Arrests were imminent, Fansler said.

The juvenile who wrote the expletive on the pavilion floor was instructed to clean off the word and received a trespass warning for the pavilion, he added.