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LP sets zoning recommendation for annexations

LAKE PLACID - The town council decided to recommend a zoning change to "conceptual planned development" to the owners of 18 properties along West Interlake Boulevard that are eyed for annexation.

Councilman Ray Royce said Thursday that the proposed annexation parcels are surrounded by areas that are already part of the municipality.

"What staff is trying to do is fill in these last few puzzle pieces that are in the middle of the mosaic that makes up Lake Placid," he said. At Monday's council meeting, Town Planning Official Mark Hill said as the town grows and develops over the coming years, town staff will be reviewing numerous requests from various property owners for annexation into the town.

The planning staff noted as the town considers annexation of 18 properties along West Interlake Boulevard, there are four options for rezoning and land use amendments, including: maintaining county land use and zoning, and adopting town land use and rezoning to a planned development district.

Town Attorney Bert Harris said most of the property owners would probably want to adopt the town's land use and rezone to conceptual planned development, but they could opt not to make any changes.

"I think most of the folks in this area want to upgrade their zoning to some type of commercial or higher intensity residential," he said

Councilwoman Debra Worley believed the property owners should have been notified that the annexation/zoning issue would be discussed at the meeting.

Council should find out what the property owners want, she said.

Councilman Ray Royce said he disagreed.

The town's planning staff is looking for direction on what to "suggest" when they talk to property owners about annexation and zoning.

Harris said pending the approval by the town council, the town planning staff and himself will meet with the property owners to review the options to determine what the land owners want regarding intensities and densities. The land owners would sign an annexation consent contingent upon the zoning and land use they are requesting.

Royce made a motion directing staff to "primarily" recommend the "town land use" and "conceptual planned development" option when discussing annexation with land owners.

Council approved the motion.

Royce said Thursday that a final development plan is much more costly than a conceptual plan.

In general, people who want to annex into the town will have an idea about putting a restaurant, retail center or housing on their property, he said. The "conceptual planned development" zoning serves as a "place holder" to allow that use.