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LP sign ordinance at issue

LAKE PLACID - Some merchants believe the town's sign ordinance is too restrictive and apparently have been getting into heated words with the town's code enforcement officer.

The Lake Placid Police Department's Facebook page had a posting in November that stated many business owners have expressed dissatisfaction about the sign ordinance.

"Some have even gone so far as to begin cursing at the code officer for bringing them a code violation notice," the LP police posting stated. Those interested in having their voices heard were urged to attend town council meetings.

Councilwoman Debra Worley said at a recent council meeting that merchants voiced their opinion about sign placements and the 2004 sign ordinance.

"I don't know what is going to happen," she said. "Ever since we made the sign code more strict, the merchants just feel it is too strict."

It's much more restrictive than in the county, she said. So new business owners find out they are not allowed to have banners or flags and there are a lot of things they can do in the county that they can't do in town, she said.

Before the ordinance, there would be many temporary signs at the corners on U.S. 27, she added.

Town Administrator Phil Williams said he was going to "adjust" the Facebook posting about the sign ordinance.

The council has told people who have an issue with the sign ordinance that they need to meet with the town administrator and discuss it, and none of them have met with him so Williams said he assumes they are all happy with it.

"I am personally a supporter of the sign ordinance because I could show you places in LaBelle where there is no sign ordinance, and that's where we will be headed if we didn't have something," he said.

Lake Placid is "kind of pretty," and that's one of the reasons people like to start businesses here, he said. Having no sign regulations detracts from the beauty of a town, but he understands why businesses want signs, Williams added.