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Man accused of battering a police officer

SEBRING — A complaint that a man was harassing his former girlfriend led to him being arrested on a battery charge, according to a report released Monday.

Herbert Antonio Casares, 37, 1409 Osceola Ave., Sebring, was arrested by the Sebring Police Department June 1 and charged with battery on a law enforcement officer.

The incident stemmed from police receiving a call from Casares’ ex-girlfriend saying that Casares sent her several text messages saying he planned to burn down her house, the report said.

When an office responded, it appeared that Casares was under the influence of alcohol, the report said. He denied that he threatened to burn down the house, it added.

The officer advised Casares that his ex-girlfriend wanted no more contact from him and Casares agreed to that, the report said.

But the officer made a second trip to Casares’ residence after the woman reported 10 minutes later that Casares had contacted her again, the report said.

The officer reported that Casares invited him in the house, but after the officer put one foot inside the door, Casares shut it, hitting the officer’s foot.