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Man accused of seeking to grab deputy’s belt

AVON PARK - An Avon Park man apparently decided not to let well enough alone after he was told to leave an area when a woman declined to prosecute him on domestic battery, an arrest report said. As a result, Pascual S. Flores Zacarias, 41, no address given, was arrested May 9 by the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office and charged with battery on a law enforcement officer. The deputy said in his report that he went to an area to investigate a domestic incident, but that the woman didn’t want to prosecute the suspect, the report said. Flores Zacarias agreed to leave the residence, but as he was leaving he attempted to grab the deputy’s duty belt near where his Taser, radio and handcuffs were located, the report said.
“As Flores touched my duty belt, I was unsure of his intentions and instantly reacted by grabbing his arm and then began to escort him to the ground,” the deputy said in the report.