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Man accused of taking mother’s car, computer and cash

— The last time a mother saw her son before he was arrested was when he brought her some coffee in her bedroom at 7 a.m. and promised to return with toast, according to a report released Wednesday.

Instead, the mother told authorities that he never returned with the toast, but left with her car, $3,000 in cash, a computer and two televisions.

Her son, Thomas Roger Tibedo, 51, 14 Meadowlake Circle South, Lake Placid, was arrested by the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office and charged with third-degree grand theft, grand theft of a motor vehicle and dealing in stolen property.

The mother told deputies that she would generally hide her car keys because her son took the car in the past, the report said.

The mother also told them that her son doesn’t have a valid driver’s license.

“She stated today, she was fed up with him taking her car and property was and (she) was not going to protect him anymore or drop the charges,” the report said.

Later deputies found the car near an apartment in Highway Park, the report said. When they entered the apartment they found Tibedo attempting to hide behind a woman.

The report indicates that Tibedo was suspected of selling the property taken from his mother’s house for drugs, the report said.


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