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Man rescues woman

LAKE PLACID - A Lake Placid man was praised Thursday by the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office for rescuing a woman whose car had crashed into a pond Wednesday, according to a press release. Anna Vanbeek, 89, the driver, had lost control of her car around 3:15 p.m. near Miller Road and Henscratch Road and the vehicle crashed through a fence and ended up submerged in a pond, the press release said. When Ronald Hathaway III, the rescuer, noticed the damaged fence and the tail lights of the car, he jumped in the water and swam to the vehicle, authorities said. He then got Vanbeek out of the vehicle and helped her get to the shore, the press release said. Mark Schrader, chief deputy of the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office, credited Hathaway with saving Vanbeek’s life.
“With his swift response to the emergency, Ronald Hathaway disregarded his own safety, went to the aid of this woman and ultimately saved her from serious injury or possibly even death in this accident. We applaud his efforts to help a person in distress,” Schrader said.