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Movie coming based on popular Elvis impersonator

SEBRING - An upcoming fictional feature film starring Ashley Judd and Ray Liotta is based in part on the life of Wade Cummins, who winters in Highlands County and performs as Elvis impersonator - Elvis Wade. Cummins spoke to Highlands Today by phone from his home near Nashville about the film "The Identical," which also stars Seth Green and Joe Patonliano. Liotta's character, "Reece Wade," is named after his father, Cummins said, and Judd plays his mother "Louise Wade." "The story has some of my life weaved in an out of it," he said. "It's not a story about my life story."
Starting from the age of 9, Cummins has imitated "The King of Rock and Roll" and has performed professionally as an Elvis impersonator for 45 years. But, the movie's focus is not on his impersonations. After writing a screenplay about his family and musical life growing up in middle Tennessee, Cummins sent copies to two Christian-based film companies. About two and half years ago , while he was in Sebring and preparing to return to Tennessee, Cummins received a call from director Dustin Marcellino, of City of Peace Films. Cummins said Marcellino and his father, Yochanan, who founded the film company, met with him two days later at his Tennessee home. They wanted to delay other projects to focus on a movie based in part on his screenplay. The filming wrapped in November and the project has been in post production since then, Cummins said. It was originally on track for an October release, but the latest he has heard, it has been push back to either a Christmas Day or February opening, he said. According to the online preview of the movie, "'The Identical' is a captivating journey spanning five decades from the 1930s through the 1970s. This story is about the restoration and the reconciliation of a family broken apart by culture, creed and tradition." According to movie database (IMdb), the film follows the path of a musical family from the Be Bop 1950s through the Glam Rock 1970s. Cummins was filmed singing a song for a cameo appearance in the movie, but he is not sure how much of his performance will make it to the theaters. "They told me they had over four hours of film that they had to edit down to two hours or less," Cummins said. He hasn't seen it yet so he doesn't know how much of each scene will be in the final cut. Wade and his wife, singer Sandy Posey, will be returning to Sebring on Christmas Day for their annual three-month stay. "We usually come on Christmas Day to avoid all the traffic," he said. "It's a bad day to travel in the fact that there aren't any restaurants open to eat, but it's a great day to travel when there is no traffic." For more information about the movie go to theidentical.com. For more information about Cummins/Elvis Wade go to elviswade.com mvalero@highlandstoday.com 863-386-5826