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Neighbors, relatives looking for answers in fatal crash

SEBRING - Shelley Calvert believes a pickup truck driver intentionally drove into four pedestrians killing her sister, Holly Fadley, 62, and injuring her brother in-law, William "Ross" Fadely, 62.

A neighbor of the Fadley's, Allen Wilson, 60, was also killed and James Amos, 73, was injured in the Saturday morning accident on Seattle Avenue by the Fairmount Mobile Estates near Walmart.

"This man pulled out of the gas station flying." Calvert said. "That man pulled his car over to hit them intentionally."

Her brother in-law said the driver was coming straight at them at a high rate of speed. There were no skid marks.

They were walking 4 or 5 feet off the road, Calvert said. "My brother in-law was a stickler on 'get off the road the minute you see a car.'"

The driver hit them and then veered back onto the road and then hit the concrete power pole, she said.

"My brother in-law said he could see [the pickup truck], but they had no time to get out of the way," Calvert said. "That's how fast he was going."

The pickup truck driver, Gregory Tocci, 54, of Sebring, who had been reported in critical condition Saturday at Lakeland Regional Medical Center, died Monday, according the Florida Highway Patrol.

Highlands Today attempted to contact relatives of Tocci, but no one was present Thursday at his home in Sebring Country Estates.

West Sebring Volunteer Fire Department responded to a fire at Tocci's residence on Saturday.

Assistant Fire Chief Toby Carter said the fire was under investigation by the state fire marshal's office.

William Fadely is scheduled to have surgery on his arm today at Lake Regional Medical Center, according to Calvert.

"It's broken and shattered so bad it's going to take four to five hours just to repair that and his hands, and then he will have to have another surgery on his leg," she said. "We are just trying to get him stable so we can get him home."

Fadely, who spends the winters in Sebring, lives in Wilkinson, Ind.

The doctors told him he has a very long road ahead of him, Calvert said.

Holly Fadley has been cremated, but it may be six months before a memorial service is held because William wants to be able to attend, she said.

Pat Towle lives across the street from the Fadley summer residence and next door to the Wilsons.

Another couple in Fairmount Mobile Estates told her they saw the pickup hit the pedestrians.

"Then he just kept coming, full speed ahead, real fast and they just closed their eyes," Towle said. "They thought they were going to get hit," at the intersection of New York and Seattle avenues.

"It's a shame and it kind of sounds like he did it on purpose," she said. "He swerved to hit them.

"Why? That's what we can't figure out, why?"

Towle said she won't walk on that section of Seattle Avenue because the drivers are going too fast.

The Fadelys and Allen Wilson are very nice people, Towle said. They walked every morning including down to the last street, Fairmount Drive.

"It's nice to have a place to walk, but that road there is bad; Seattle is bad," she said, "Too much traffic flying down there."

Towle said Allen Wilson's wife, Carolyn, has returned to their home in Sisterville, W. Va.

Eileen Neidergall said William "Ross" Fadely was wonderful and helped them out because her husband is not well.

She was waiting Thursday to get a ride to Lakeland Regional Medical Center to visit Fadely.

The accident is under investigation by the Florida Highway Patrol.