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Perfect FCAT students recognized

SEBRING - The School Board of Highlands County recognized more than two dozen middle and high school students Tuesday who achieved a perfect score last school year on the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test.

The students with one or more perfect scores are:

Avon Park Middle School: Ian Francis Arnan, Lane Franza, Bryce Langston and Olivia Worley.

Avon Park High School: Juliana Jackson.

Hill-Gustat Middle School: Lauren Eubanks, Paolo Pineda, Christopher Wolf, Siddharth Ananthan, Natalie Hintz and Ritika Manik.

Lake Placid Middle School: Luke Halpern, Alexis Green and Keith Roberts.

Sebring Middle School: Kenneth High, Victor Salinas, Paul Shannon, Danielle Tribbitt, Jordyn Belanger, Chandler Gowan, Elizabeth Griffin, Kasey Klocko, Sarah Lethbridge, Allyson Pyle, Alexander High, Sylvia Roberts and Hannah Staley.

Sebring High School: Marjon Luis Librando, Matthew Brown, Kalani Dubberly, Armon Luckenbach, Lindsey Sutermeister and Renz-Patrick Torres.

The students, 33 in all, received a letter of congratulations from Gov. Rick Scott and State Rep. Cary Pigman. mvalero@highlandstoday.com