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Plea deal considered for Makris in Doty murder case

SEBRING - Two defendants in Aaron Doty's murder case will be in court Wednesday morning, and one may submit a plea bargain to the judge. Assistant State Attorney Pete Barone said Travis Makris of Sebring has been cooperating in the investigation of the beating death of 20-year-old Aaron Doty at a Sun N' Lake party last year; Giovanni Burgos has not. Both are scheduled to be in circuit court at 8:30 a.m. Wednesday. Makris is accused of holding a bag of clothing and tennis shoes from Rodriguez or Felipe. Burgos is charged with allowing Rodriguez and Felipe to hide in his Orlando apartment so they could get away. Houchin was unsure on Tuesday whether a plea would be arranged with Makris, but defense attorneys and prosecutors are working on the deal.
Felipe's girlfriend Nicole Hebert was accused of driving him and Rodriguez to Burgos' Orlando apartment. Last month, she accepted a 10-year jail and probation sentence. Adrianna Rodriguez (no relation to Jonathan), who was accused of cleaning up blood evidence at the apartment where Doty was nearly beaten to death, was sentenced to five years probation. That leaves the two alleged killers, Jonathan Rodriguez and Kenneth Felipe. Pretrial conferences for both accused killers have been continued to June 20. "Nothing is going to take place in the foreseeable future with them," Assistant State Attorney Steve Houchin said last month. "I have no doubt they are going to trial." It is unlikely anyone other than the six will be charged in the case, Houchin said. gpinnell@highlandstoday.com (863) 386-5828