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Police have possible suspect in robberies

— Sebring police have a possible suspect in a string of restaurant and business robberies during the past several days, but are not releasing any more information, Cmndr. Steve Carr said Thursday.

“We have some very good leads we’re following up on and hopefully we’ll have a successful conclusion in the very near future,” Carr said.

In the meantime - and all the time - he said, people should be very observant in their surroundings as to what is going on around them.

Carr has said that he believes the same person robbed Arby’s, Dollar General, Burger King and Dunkin’ Donuts. Arby’s was robbed on Saturday evening, Dollar General on Monday evening and Burger King on Tuesday evening. The Dunkin’ Donuts robbery occurred about two weeks ago. Other than the Dollar General robbery, all occurred within the city limits of Sebring.

The Highlands County Sheriff’s Office has said very little about the robbery at Dollar General, other than to confirm it occurred.

In the Burger King robbery, a shift manager told investigators that “a man entered and walked up to the counter wearing a gray hooded sweat shirt and light color blue jeans,” a report said.

The manager also told police that the “male had the hood of the sweat shirt bunched around his mouth.”

Carr said the man had a weapon, but he did not specify what type of a weapon.

The shift manager also told police that the man leaned over the counter, but apparently became scared and left the restaurant.

Arby’s had reported that a man entered with most of his face covered. The man demanded money, and upon receiving it, left the restaurant, a report said.

Another robbery of two employees at Chili’s outside the restaurant last Friday night appears to be unrelated, authorities said.

The suspect in the robberies at Arby’s, Dollar General, Burger King and Dunkin’ Donuts was described as being white, while the suspect in the Chili’s robbery was black, authorities said.


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