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Prep properties to prevent wildfires, fire official says

SEBRING- With the transition from wet season into dry season, Florida Forest Service's Okeechobee district is asking homeowners to prepare for an increase in wildfires. "If you live near nature,then you can be at risk for wildfire danger," states Melissa Yunas, wildfire mitigation specialist. Dry season is where the vegetation starts to lose moisture and goes into a dormant state. Grass vegetation will slowly dry out due to a diminishing of daily rainfall; typically winter wildfires are smaller but more frequent, states a news release. Grass wildfires can be very dangerous and fast moving, the news release adds.
"Residents can help State Wildland Firefighters," Yunas said. "Take the time to remove anything that will burn from your roof, gutters and the sides of your home." That includes pine needles, leaves, small twigs, and palm fronds. "Keep nature at least 30 feet from your home," Melissa stresses. Call or stop by your local FFS station and ask how you can reduce your wildfire risk. For more information, call the Highlands County office at 655-6407.