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Rabbit project gets kids involved in ag education

AVON PARK - The rabbit project at the AP Boys & Girls Club has officially begun. Through donations from Highlands County 4-H and a JC Penney Mini Grant, they are now equipped with a rabbit hutch, four rabbits, and all the supplies necessary for the proper care of the rabbits. Lauren Hrncirik, Highlands County 4-H agent; Kate Stewart, 4-H assistant; and several 4-H members visited the AP Boys & Girls Club on June 20 to educate the youth on how to properly care for their newly acquired rabbits. Each child was given an activity book and the opportunity to use hands-on-learning. Excitement filled the air that afternoon because many of the youth at the AP Boys & Girls Club had never had the opportunity to hold a rabbit before. Through the help of the Highlands County 4-H volunteers they were able to see demonstrations on how to properly groom a rabbit as well as how to hold and place them in the hutch properly.
With this project, the youth will have the responsibility for maintaining a clean environment for the rabbits, feeding the rabbits, grooming the rabbits, and the overall care of the rabbits. Through this project, the youth will obtain agriculture education, life skills, and responsibility. "Highlands County 4-H is excited to be able to reach out to community clubs such as the Boys & Girls club and hopes to see great success through this program," states a news release. 4-H alumni or supporters living in the Highlands County area are asked to contact Lauren Hrncirik, Highlands County 4-H agent, at 863-402-6540 or by emailing hrncirik@ufl.edu for more information. 4-H is open to any one between the ages of 5-18.