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Highlands County residents have mixed reviews of Windows 8

SEBRING - With Windows 8, Microsoft's newest operating system, it may be the case that the majority of users either love it or hate it.
"I love it," Elly Watson posted on the Highlands Today Facebook page.
But, Amy Goodman Berrong, another Facebook poster, said, "I hate it! It's not user friendly at all."
And in the wake of those mixed feelings, Microsoft is preparing to release Windows 8.1, which brings back the start button. However, an Associated Press review says 8.1 contains a mixture of the old and the new and that it's clear 8.1 isn't a return to the days of Vista, Microsoft 7 and XP.
Lou Mingacci, who repairs computers, said he believes Windows 8 has some positive aspects, but that overall if given the choice between Windows 8 and Windows 7, he would pick the older system.
He said he believes Microsoft is essentially trying to sell an operating system similar to that of an Apple computer, but is trying to do too much.
"I like to do things simple," he said. "I think Microsoft made it too complex."
"If you want an Apple machine, buy an Apple," he advises.
Mingacci said many of his customers had trouble figuring out how to find programs and how to shut down the computer.
It's a good system, he said, for people who have a touch screen computer. But many people can't afford computers with touch screens, he said.
For people used to using other versions of Windows, it involves a bit of a learning curve.
"I like Windows 8, but on a desktop it takes getting used to and I am really looking forward to the release of Windows 8,1 or Windows Blue, as they are adding a start button," Scott Terry wrote on Facebook. "But for the record, though, I still believe Windows 7 is the best operating system to date."
One local computer technician, who would only give his name as Mark, said that he's yet to have a customer who liked Windows 8.
And as for 8.1, the Associated Press reviewer says that while it may not make everyone happier, it has some features that should please those who favor a return to a more traditional operating system.
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