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Recent grad's vegan recipe app gets the O.K.

LAKE PLACID - If you want to find vegan recipes for black bean brownies, peppermint patties, peanut buttercups and other dishes, well there is an app for that courtesy of recent high school graduate Sheri Grooms. Grooms, who has been home-schooled since first-grade, submitted her app in early June. It has around 50 vegan recipes - from raw chocolate ice cream to cinnamon pecan pancakes - that she created and also photographed. She said it took quite awhile, but Apple approved her app, which can be purchased for Smartphones at VeganNOMMS. In the apps' description, Grooms states, "Many people believe that if you are a vegan, your diet is very boring; but I'm here to prove them wrong! All of my recipes are delicious, completely tempting and least of all boring! I also have several raw recipes."
Grooms had already been sharing her recipes on Instagram, the online photo-sharing and social networking service, where she has 17,000 followers. M. Lindsey commented, "I've been following her on Instagram and making her recipes and I'm so happy that she got an app out there on the market! Congrats, keep up the good work!" Grooms' app has sold in 34 different countries including: Ecuador, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Chile, United Arab Emirates and Barbados. The app has three categories - breakfast, snacks and desserts. Since Grooms is also catering to the fitness community, a lot of her recipes have plant-based protein powder. Instead of sugar or sweetener, there could be agave nectar, with oat flour and cashew or almond milk substituted for the traditional ingredients. She is headed this week to start her studies at Daytona State College. mvalero@highlandstoday.com 863-386-5826