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Sebring goes to the polls today

SEBRING-The Sebring city election is being held today, and registered voters can cast their ballots from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. for three spots on the city council.

Seven candidates are vying for the three vacancies. The top three vote getters will be elected for three-year terms.

The candidates in the running are: Bud Whitlock, Lenard Carlisle, Mark Stewart, Rob Horn, Nadine Elliott Tedstone, MaryAnn Lewis and Marty Roepstorff.

In the unlikely event that four candidates are tied, they'll pull straws to determine the winner, said Penny Ogg, supervisor of elections, in an earlier report.

Ogg said Monday there are 5,299 registered voters in Sebring. Eight-nine early votes were cast during a five-day period last week.

Voters vote in their respective precinct polling places, but here has being a slight change in polling places just for the Sebring election.

Those who live inside the city of Sebring in Precincts 11S or 15S, will vote in a different location just for this election. Voters from Precinct 11S and 7 will vote at the Sebring Elks Lodge No. 1529 located at 2618 Kenilworth Boulevard in Sebring.

Voters from Precinct 8 and 15S will vote at the Sebring Recreation Club, 333 Pomegranate Ave. in Sebring.

Precinct 9 voters cast their ballots at the Boys&Girls Club in Washington Heights. Precinct 10 voters vote at the Masonic Lodge on Home Avenue.