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Sebring High School student singer to perform at fair

SEBRING - You would hardly know Cammie Lester is only a freshman at Sebring High School by looking at her itinerary for the past week.

She attended school in Nashville for several days, in part to get help with her singing from a coach, auditioned for "The Voice," and then returned to school a day before doing three performances at the Highlands County Fair on Saturday at 3 p.m., 6 p.m. and 8 p.m.

Her performance for The Voice wasn't the first that would potentially put her in the national spotlight. Last year, she won the Disney Idol Competition, which guarantees her a seat at an American Idol competition. However, because she was a year too young, she plans to do the Idol audition this coming summer.

As for the Voice audition, she didn't make it far enough to get on the show, but she was encouraged to try again next year when she will be allowed to skip the first round.

During the first round this year, she said, she was among a group of 10 vying to be on the show.

Of her group, she was the only one who was advanced to the next round of auditions, said Mandy Elliott, her mother.

Elliott said the second round was intense and her daughter became nervous. During both auditions, she sang, "One and Only," a song previously sung by Adele.

America's Got Talent also has been after Cammie to audition, Elliott said. But, she added, that she doesn't believe the show is a good fit for her daughter. She said she believes its hard to compare singing with the other types of acts.

In the meantime, between spending several days each month attending a school in Nashville, and taking her regular high school classes, Cammie is traveling the Florida fair circuit.

Besides the Highlands County Fair, Cammie has performed at the State Fair in Tampa and will perform at four others, including the Collier and Osceola county fairs.

Of the state fair in Tampa, she said, "It was fun."

Cammie said she wasn't nervous singing before the huge crowd.

At that fair and the others, Cammie will perform songs she co-wrote and sell a CD with three songs she wrote.

One of the songs, "Is it Easy?," was based in part on the feelings she had after a breakup, she said,

Other songs she performs at the fairs include "Ice and Fire," and "Pouring My Heart Out."

Her current goals, she said, are to "be successful in music and to do better at promoting myself."


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