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Sebring man helps raise awareness of missing children

SEBRING - For B.J. Haggerty, a Sebring resident, the fireball run he will be participating in from Sept. 20 to Sept. 28 is more than an adventurous vacation or an Internet reality show. The significance for him is that he will help raise awareness of missing children. Haggerty is the father of four and knew where his children were when they were growing up. "Just the thought of not knowing where they are would have left a terrible feeling," he said.
Haggerty and his nephew, Tim Truex, will travel for eight days and visit 14 cities between Longmont, Colo., and Riverside, Calif. During that trip, he said, they will visit children in hospitals and hand out thousands of posters containing information about missing children. Haggerty said Truex found out about the event at a car show and was asked to participate. He invited Haggerty to be his partner. When he learned the event focuses on missing children, he said, he was interested. "That impressed me and I said, 'Maybe, I can help,'" he said. Haggerty will focus on the case of Micah Sydney Landers, 11, who was last seen in Gainesville on Aug. 17, 2002, according to "For the Lost," an Internet site that features missing person's cases. He will hand out flyers featuring Micah, and his truck will have photos of Micah on it. The web site said Charlene Terry, his non-custodial mother, was suspected of abducing Micah. The fireball run will also feature a trivia contest for participants. Haggerty said he and his nephew will receive trivia clues and visit places during their trip to find answers. Video of the fireball run will be shown at www.fireballrun.com and Haggerty's truck will be outfitted with cameras. For more information on the event, go to www.fireballrun.com jmeisel@highlandstoday.com (863) 386-5834