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Second Lake Placid robbery suspect arrested

LAKE PLACID - A second suspect has been arrested in connection with the armed robbery of a Hispanic male in Sun N' Lake, Lake Placid, according to a report released Friday.

Jerry Lee Callahan Fields, 18, 141 Zion St., Lake Placid, was arrested Jan. 23 and charged with armed robbery and grand theft.

Earlier this month, Alkheem Rasheed Portee, 18, 175 Curve St., was arrested and charged with grand theft, armed robbery and credit card fraud.

Both Portee and Fields were arrested in connection with the Jan. 5 robbery on St. Lucie Street. The victim reported that as he walked on that street, two men pulled up in a car and tried to rob him. He told authorities that he ran, but the robbers caught up with him and one knocked him to the ground, while the other held a gun to his neck, authorities said.

Portee was arrested after video footage from a bank ATM showed Portee using a debit card belonging to the victim, the report said.

The arrest of Fields came after his red vehicle was identified as the car used during the robbery, according to an arrest report. Witnesses also saw Portee and Fields exchange Mexican currency for about $150 in American currency at a store.

Lake Placid Police Chief James Fansler said his department hasn't ruled out Portee and Fields as suspects in several robberies of Hispanics that occurred in the town.


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