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Seemingly suspicious behavior draws authorities’ attention

—Two unrelated drug arrests made in the same vicinity of Sebring on the same day appear to have drawn authorities’ attention because of the suspicious nature of the suspects’ behavior.

McArther Taylor, 53, no address given, was stopped May 2 in the area of Lemon Avenue and Sebring Parkway for riding a bicycle without proper lighting, an arrest report states.

When the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office deputy was frisking Taylor, he saw him remove his baseball hat and throw it on the ground, the report states. Inside the hat, the deputy reportedly found cocaine, the report adds. Taylor was charged with possession of cocaine.

The second suspect, Donald Baker, 53, 129 Pine St., Sebring, reportedly was walking west on Lemon Avenue when two Sebring Police Department officers in an unmarked patrol car saw him with his left hand clinched, as if holding a small object, a report states.

When Baker reportedly saw them , he reached his left hand into his left back pocket, the report states.

Upon searching him, the officers found a box of cigarettes in the back pocket with crack cocaine inside, the report adds. Baker was charged with possession of cocaine.