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SFSC Board extends Leitzel's contract

AVON PARK - The South Florida State College Board of Trustees voted unanimously to extend President Thomas Leitzel's contract through June 30, 2017.

Leitzel began his presidency on July 1 with a three-year contract through June 30, 2016.

His contract will be reviewed annually and each year the board will vote to extend the contract for three years, according to Deborah Latter, community relations director.

When Leitzel comes up for his annual contract review next year in January it would be extended for three years, she said. It's a rolling three-year contract.

Board Chairman Joe Wright said, "We did our review; he meets or exceeds our expectations and so we added a year back to it.

"We are happy; we are excited; he is what we thought he was when we hired him.

The board is excited and looking forward to the future, he said.

During his interview, Leitzel stressed the importance of the college's upcoming 50-year celebration and planning for the future, Wright said. "That really is going to be the focus of our energies."

There were no changes to Leizel's annual salary, which remains at $230,000.