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SFSC employees get excellence in teaching awards

AVON PARK- Two South Florida State College employees, Kimberly Batty-Herbert and Lori Shumard, have received excellence in teaching awards.

Batty-Herbert, the dean of arts and sciences, and Shumard, a mathematics professor at the Hardee and DeSoto campuses, were recognized with the 2013 National Institute for State and Organizational Development (NISOD) Excellence in Teaching Awards, which rewards community and technical college educators who have demonstrated "an outstanding commitment and contribution to their students and colleagues."

Award recipients are typically those who received the faculty President's Award the previous year, as Batty-Herbert and Shumard did in December, a news release states.

"The NISOD Excellence in Teaching Awards recognize faculty who are our best and brightest, and provide excellent teaching in the classroom," said Leana Revell, vice president, educational and student services. " We are pleased to be able to nominate these superb faculty members to represent SFSC at the NISOD awards."