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SFSC eyeing alcohol policy change

AVON PARK - The total ban on alcohol consumption on South Florida State College campuses and properties may be eased a bit with the Board of Trustees considering a "strictly limited" alcohol policy. The proposed policy update was tabled Wednesday by the college's District Board of Trustees. SFSC Community Relations Director Deborah Latter said Friday the board typically tables items on their first reading to look carefully at even minor changes. Board of Trustees Member Tami Cullens said the board sent the proposed policy update back to the board attorney for review and revisions.
"We had some other issues and some other concerns and things that we wanted to address before we even considered it," she said. "We are just making sure all the wording is correct in the policy and there are no liability issues if we choose to go this route." The sponsors of some events that have been hosted on campus have asked if they could serve alcohol, Cullens said. "In this case we would like to see if it is possible for us to do that," but there are many laws and regulations that have to be considered. The proposed policy that was tabled stated that by meeting a number of provisions, alcoholic beverages may be served without charge to individuals 21 and older at gatherings or events. Prior approval by the district board of trustees would be required to serve alcohol at an event or gathering. SFSC President Thomas Leitzel said "prohibited" was the first word in the alcohol policy and it would be changed to "strictly limited." "It's designed for flexibility should it ever be needed with a special request that is presented; and we only intend that ever to come from an internal group so that it can be controlled," he said. Cullens said the proposed alcohol policy should be back on the Oct. 23 board meeting's agenda. "We will go over it and check the wording and see how we like that to make sure it is what we are asking for," she said. "It may not even happen. We may all decide 'no.'" mvalero@highlandstoday.com 863-386-5826