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SFSC eyes ending adult high school program

After years of declining enrollment, the Adult High School program may be discontinued at South Florida State College.

The college’s Board of Trustees will vote on discontinuing the program at its monthly meeting, which is scheduled at 6 p.m., Wednesday, at the Highlands Campus.

SFSC Vice President of Educational and Student Services Leana Revell said the Adult High School program was designed to assist students in getting their high school diploma.

It was a fairly active program about 15 years ago and was available for students of various ages from 16 year olds who had dropped out of school to those who didn’t complete high school and wanted to resume their studies at age 35 or 40, she said.

But now those same students have many other options that were not available in the past, Revell said.

“We have some new attractive features that help students who wish to be successful in getting their high school diploma,” she said.

Students can now study for their high school diploma online day or night in the comfort of their own home, she noted. Students have enjoyed that option and are taking advantage of it.

“We also still have our adult basic education and high school completion program available both face-to-face as well as online,” Revell said. The college’s Tutoring and Learning Center is available to assist those who want to take the high school completion exam or GED.

GED classes are available for students who can study at their own pace, she said.

“The new ways are a better way to provide those services for students,” Revell said. “It’s much more flexible than it once was. Adult High School was primarily a daily activity whereas now students have many more options

Programs are discontinued as the needs shift and new delivery methods become available, she noted.

Also scheduled for Wednesday’s meeting, there will be a reorganization of the Board of Trustees with the election of the board chair and vice chair for 2014-15 and the election of the SFSC Foundation liason for 2014-15.

Currently Joe Wright and Kenneth Lambert serve as the board’s chair and vice chair, respectively. Lana Puckorius serves as the SFSC Foundation liason.


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