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SFSC nixes changing alcohol policy

AVON PARK - South Florida State College will remain alcohol free with the board of trustees dropping its consideration of allowing alcoholic drinks to be served on a limited case-by-case basis.

With some event sponsors asking about serving alcohol at functions on campus, the board took a look at possibly changing the college's complete ban on alcohol.

The board tabled a proposed alcohol policy, for review by the board attorney, at its September meeting.

At its January meeting, the board agreed to drop the issue for now.

Board Chairman Joe Wright said the alcohol issue may come up later, but the board will not pursue it at this time.

"I think once we started to look at it we realized it's a lot deeper, and maybe a broader issue, than we thought it was," he said. "We just have other priorities right now."

Some of the issues with an alcohol policy include, would it be served at just one location or others and what are the implications and potential liabilities? he said.

"If and when we take it up again we would really need to devote more time to it," Wright said. Currently the college and the board are putting their energy into the two new bachelor degree programs.

Also, there is a focus, with new President Thomas Leitzel, on the planning process for the college's 50th anniversary, Wright said.

So it would take a lot more work than anticipated to change the alcohol policy and the college has other things that are more important to address at this time, he said.

Vice President of Administration Services Glenn Little said the alcohol issue was not pursued with the understanding that staff, through the president, could propose a new policy or change in the future.