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SO: Woman drove with victim hanging on hood for 1/4 mile

— What began as an argument among several females in Avon Park Thursday reportedly turned into a street fight, then took a bizarre turn when an angry mother allegedly drove a quarter mile with the victim “hanging on to the engine hood and windshield wiper,” a Highlands County Sheriff’s Office report states .

Leslie LaShall Smith, 38, 1300 S. South Carolina Ave., Avon Park, is charged with aggravated battery using a deadly weapon.

Authorities say an argument between the victim and Smith’s daughter turned into a “large affray” and a street scuffle, the report states.

Smith got involved in the fight, the report states, and as the altercation continued, things were thrown at her 2010 tan Dodge Caliber.

She then reportedly got into the SUV and drove toward the victim, who told authorities she had no place to go and so jumped on the hood, the report states.

The incident happened on Ben Hicks Street’s intersection with South Carolina Avenue, the report states.

Smith is accused of driving with the victim on the hood of the car the entire length of Ben Hicks Street, from the intersection of South Carolina Avenue across Memorial Drive, and down to the end of the street where there is a boat ramp, the report states.

Smith then reportedly stopped the SUV, and the victim was thrown off the vehicle, authorities add. She reportedly had injuries and was treated at an area hospital.