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Spiders? Are they everywhere?

Special to Highlands Today LAKE PLACID -Have you ever wondered how that spider got in your shower or been curious about the spiders in your backyard? Come and meet one of the world's great spider biologists, James E. Carrel, at Archbold Biological Station at 2 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 6. He will be giving a talk titled "Spiders: Are They Everywhere?" in the Learning Center East Meeting Room at Archbold Biological Station. The public is invited to attend this free, educational presentation. The nature trails will be open.
Carrel first came to Archbold in June 1967 as a graduate student and has been conducting studies of insects and spiders at Archbold ever since. He is Curators' distinguished teaching professor emeritus and professor of biological sciences emeritus at the University of Missouri. "Jim has always enjoyed science in this global 'hot spot' of plants and animals of the unique Florida scrub," states a news release. He has published 29 papers from his research done at Archbold, more than half of these publications are about spiders. Carrel collaborates with Mark Deyrup, entomologist at Archbold, and others to gain a better understanding of the natural history of scrub spiders and insects. "Most of my work is aimed at learning more about the lives of arthropods uniquely adapted to Florida scrub. I chose this topic in the mid-1980s when I came to appreciate that the scrub habitats at Archbold Biological Station collectively represent one of the oldest, most restricted, harshest ecosystems in North America, and that it is critically important for conservation," Carrel said. Archbold Biological Station is open to the public, weekdays, from 8a.m.-5p.m. and is located about 8 miles south of Lake Placid. The entrance is 1.8 miles south of S.R. 70 on Old SR 8. For information, go to www.archbold-station.org. During business hours, call 863-465-2571.