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Summer blockbuster season heats up

SEBRING Ken Ross is a big Star Trek fan. He's seen all the movies and the TV shows. "I like all these types of movies," he said Tuesday as he headed into the Carmike Cinema 8 movie theater to watch "Star Trek Into Darkness." The iconic American sci-fi is one of many blockbusters being released this summer, a time of the year where Hollywood's big budget movies hit the silver screen.
It's easy to see why. With schools out and teens and preteens looking for something to do, coupled with the summer heat and the rain, it's understandable why the four months between May and August are primed for some of the biggest hits. "As a season, summer has led at the box office going back decades. The approximately four-month season, from early May through August, has raked in more than $4 billion in ticket sales annually since 2007," states LiveScience. "Betting big, mostly on action and other whiz-bang-style movies, is a formula that has worked for Hollywood in apparently giving audiences what they want." Ross remembers the all-time movie that launched the summer blockbuster phenomenon - the 1975 thriller "Jaws" and some of the others that followed, such as the Indiana Jones' action flick, "Raiders of the Lost Ark. Other mega summer movies from yesteryear were "Alien," "The Exorcist," "American Grafiiti" and even the musical "Grease." In recent years, summer blockbusters have offered people plenty of choices. The movie website imdb.com described 2012 as the year that saw "the biggest (summer) blockbuster showdown in recent years with three major comic book franchises all going head to head." "The Avengers," "The Amazing Spiderman," and 'The Dark Knight Rises" may have made last summer memorable for movie-goers, but this year has not been bad and there is more to come. Over at Lakeshore Mall's Carmike 8, the big hit this summer has been "Fast and Furious 6," now playing in its sixth week. The theater, as of Tuesday, was also showing "White House Down," "This Is The End," and was readying itself for other anticipated summer favorites, "Despicable Me 2" and "Lone Ranger," which premiered locally Tuesday night. Assistant Manager Isaac Carlisle said summer is one of their biggest seasons. Over at B&B Fairmount Square Sebring 6, showing "Man of Steel," "Monsters University," "The Heat,' "World War Z," " and Now You See Me," long lines were snaking out of the door Tuesday afternoon. Other anticipated releases for this summer are: "Pacific Rim," "RED 2," Wolverine," "Grown Ups 2," "R.I.P.D," "The To Do List," "The Smurfs," "Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters," "Elysium," along with others. One thing they have in common: Most of them are family-friend movies.