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Tax collector: Wait for legislation outcome before biennial tag renewal

SEBRING - Florida motor vehicle registration costs may be lowered by up to $25 annually, and Highlands County Tax Collector Eric Zwayer wants residents to take advantage of these potential savings.

"In 2009, former Tax Collector Charles Bryan did a great service to our citizens by encouraging motorists to do a two-year renewal to save money before the motor vehicle renewal prices went up," Zwayer said. "Now with the proposal to lower these prices substantially, I am encouraging folks to limit their registration to a single year so that they do not lose out on potential savings if the law should take effect on September 1, 2014."

Currently, when residents choose the option of a biennial vehicle registration, they render no cost-savings, only the convenience of a two-year renewal, Zwayer explained.

With the pending proposal to reduce fees, anyone renewing for two years before Sept. 1 would lose the benefit of the reduction for the second year, he added. Fees paid before the effective date of the proposed reduction would not be eligible for a refund or adjustment once the law takes effect.

For more information, contact the tax collector's office at 402-6685 or info@hctaxcollector.com.