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Traffic stop over seat belt yields arrest

— A 32-year-old woman faces drug charges after a Sebring police officer stopped the vehicle in which she was a passenger May 17 because the driver was not belted up, authorities said.

The officer reportedly found a syringe and a metal spoon, with a cotton ball and dried residue, in a handbag in the back of the Dodge, where Angela Kay Hughes, 9309 Fox Road, Sebring, was reportedly seated, a police report states.

The cotton and the residue tested positive for methamphetamine, the report states.

Hughes at first denied that the bag, which was on the floorboard in the rear of the vehicle, was hers, the report adds. As the officer lifted the handbag, her driver’s license reportedly fell out, the report adds.

The driver, Edward Anibal Casares, 34, of 2660 Lakeview Drive, Sebring, reportedly has a suspended driver’s license and was charged with driving with a suspended license – habitual offender, authorities said.

The report states his license had been suspended for five years on June 17, 2009.