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Tuck to serve on state education board

SEBRING - Highlands County School Board Member Andy Tuck will be joining the State Board of Education in February, according to State Board Chairman Gary Chartrand.

Florida Department of Education Press Secretary Cheryl Etters said Tuck was present Tuesday at the state board's meeting in Miami Lakes.

Chartrand announced at the meeting that Tuck would be joining the board in February, she said.

The Miami Herald reports that Chartrand stated, "It's only appropriate that on the Florida Board of Education we have a citrus grower."

The board had two openings with Sally Bradshaw resigning in October and Barbara Feingold requesting not to be reappointed when her term ended in December.

Etters said if Gov. Rick Scott chose Tuck to replace Bradshaw, he would fill the remainder of her term and would have to be reappointed after that.

Does state law preclude Tuck from serving on the School Board of Highlands County while he serves on the State Board of Education?

Etters said she didn't believe state statutes addressed that issue. There has been no formal announcement from Scott concerning Tuck's appointment. Highlands Today contacted the governor's office, but has not received a reply concerning Tuck.

The state board typically meets monthly. The next meeting will be Feb. 18 in Orlando.

Tuck is a member of the Florida Department of Management Services, which states Tuck is the owner and manager of Tuck Groves, Natural AG Solutions LLC and Southeast AG Management LLC.

Tuck Groves owns and operates citrus properties for the process market in Central Florida.

Natural AG Solutions LLC is an agricultural nutritional company that focuses on enhancing plant health through nutritional balance.

Southeast AG Management LLC manages and owns citrus properties in the Central Florida region.