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Tuck will have to resign local board to take state office

SEBRING - After Board Chairman Gary Chartrand announced Tuesday that Andy Tuck will be joining the State Board of Education there has been no confirmation from Tuck himself or the governor's office.

But School Board of Highlands County Attorney John McClure said Tuck has spoken to him about the state office position.

"I understand he [Tuck] will be appointed sometime in February," McClure said. "Mr. Tuck is aware that he will have to resign his position with the school board to take his position with the state board of education."

It falls within the parameters of dual office holding, he said.

"I also think it is a direct conflict of interest since the state board of education promulgates rules that local boards are required to follow," McClure said.

McClure said he informed Tuck that he needed to resign from the School Board of Highlands County "before" he takes the state office. Gov. Rick Scott will likely appoint someone to fill the remainder of Tuck's term on the local school board, he said.

Tuck's term on the School Board of Highlands County expires in November.

Chartrand made the announcement about Tuck at the State Board of Education's meeting in Miami Lakes.

He said, "It's only appropriate that on the Florida Board of Education we have a citrus grower."

Florida Department of Education Press Secretary Cheryl Etters said Tuck was present at the state board meeting.

The state board has two openings with Sally Bradshaw resigning in October and Barbara Feingold requesting not to be reappointed when her term ended in December.

Highlands Today contacted the governor's office, but has not received a reply concerning Tuck.