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WE WANT TO KNOW: Should Florida rank 19th on retirement places?

Are our beaches not as white anymore? Are our days not as warm and sunny? Florida, once considered a top destination, ranks 19th on Bankrate.comís 2013 list of Best Places to Retire. Itís not an opinion poll. Bankrate ranked hospital beds, doctors and crimes by population, state and local tax burdens, average temperatures and cost of living. By that methodology, Tennessee is first, followed by Louisiana, South Dakota (really?), Kentucky, Mississippi, Virginia, West Virginia, Alabama, Nebraska and North Dakota. The Sunshine State is a mediocre 19th.
Did you come here to retire? Were you drawn by beaches, warm temps, cost of living, the low crime rate, the local tax burden or other factors? Is this still a good place to retire? Are you considering another state? Senior Reporter Gary Pinnell is writing about retirement. If you can contribute to the story, call 386-5828, or email gpinnell@highlandstoday.com