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What do women want for Valentine's Day?

Girls, if you only knew how desperately guys struggle with what to buy you for Valentine's Day.

Yes, we know it's our job to anticipate what you want before you want it. But honestly, we're this close to buying giant bag of M&Ms or an electric mixer at Kmart just because it comes in red.

So give us the big clue. What do you really want? Should we rent "When Harry Met Sally" or "Thelma & Louise" and quietly spoon with you on the couch?

Or take you to Ruby Tuesday and just reassure that you're just as beautiful as ever while you vent over getting neck rings before your time? (And offer not one word of advice, of course.)

Reporter Gary Pinnell is writing about Valentine's Day. Guys, if you did something that your lady just loved, the rest of us need your help. Ladies, if you can contribute to the story, we're listening.

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