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'What? Is it noon already?'

SEBRING - If lately you have been hearing downtown Sebring's siren sounding off about 10 minutes early, it's not your watch that's out of whack. The noon siren actually starts blaring around 11:50 a.m. It's the same story the other four times of the day — 7 a.m., 1 p.m., 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. — when the siren is supposed to sound but has been doing so 10 minutes early. Sebring Supervisor of Water Production Jay Angell is aware of the problem, but said there is no simple reset to fix it.
The siren is located at an old power plant on Park Street. "We think it has got something to do with the generator that comes on once a week and runs in the test mode," he said. "It was doing it before and we actually replaced the whole timer box with a brand new timer box and now it is starting to do it again." Since the timer has been changed twice in the past five years, Angell doesn't believe th timer is the problem. Maybe something is wrong with the voltage in the building, he speculated. The generator at the water treatment plant provides backup power for the water plant, an office building and the old diesel electric generating plant. "I get the feeling that when the generator comes on, it transfers from regular power over to generator power, and over that time there is a loss of power to everything," he said. "Then, when it transfers back, it does the same thing; there is a loss of power again." The timer can be reset, but it eventually drifts off the correct time, Angell said. Angell said he will try to have an electrician look at it within the next few days. "I am going to see what I can do because it is beginning to be a thorn in my side," he said. He has been tied up with other things "that are a lot more important." His primary job, he quipped, is assuring that everybody has safe drinking water.

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