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Woman charged in LP NU-HOPE burglary

A 53-year-old Lake Placid woman has been charged with burglary in the theft of donated items from the Lake Placid NU-HOPE Thrift Store, the Lake Placid Police Department reports.

Lake Placid Police Officer Mitch Cooper arrested Rosario Ramero Wednesday on burglary and theft charges after a review of security camera video, Police Chief James Fansler stated in a press release.

Ramero was seen on the security camera video, arriving at NU-HOPE, at 103 W. Main Ave., after the business was closed, Fansler said. The video clearly shows Ramero removing several bags from the donation drop-off area and placing the bags into a van.

The video showed Ramero attempting to load another larger item, which she could not lift, he said. She then left the area.

Within a short time, officers made contact with Ramero and obtained an admission, Fansler said.

After police responded to several thefts of donated merchandise, the Lake Placid Police Department raised money to install security cameras at the NU-HOPE Thrift Store to begin capturing evidence and identifying the thieves, he said.

Since the installation by Central Security in March of this year, Lake Placid police officers have responded to four reports of theft, he said. Each time officers have responded, they have been able to quickly identify the offender due to the camera that captures the donation drop-off area.

Detective Stuart Troutman began further researching the security camera system and located at least one other time Ramero had committed the same criminal act, Fansler said. Subsequent charges are pending against Ramero.

Ramero was released from the Highlands County Jail Wednesday after posting a $1,000 bond.

“I strongly believe in what NU-HOPE stands for,” Fansler said. “I hate to see people steal from an organization that relies on donations to assist the elderly; those who need the most help. We have made it very clear “steal from NU-HOPE .... go to jail.”


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