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Woman charged with armed robbery

LAKE PLACID - A man who arranged to pay a woman for sex was instead robbed, according to a report released Tuesday. The woman, Naisha Tyesha Ashakee Johnson, 20, no address listed, was arrested Nov. 10 by the Highlands County Sheriff's Office and charged with armed robbery. The victim had reported that he met the woman through Facebook and asked her to contact him when she would be willing to have sex in exchange for money, the report said. The man reported that on Nov. 10 the woman contacted him and they agreed to meet at a location near Lake Placid, the report said.
After they arrived at that location, the man told authorities that he told Johnson he would not pay her until after they had sex, the report said. But Johnson wanted the money first, the man reported. The victim reported that Johnson "removed a revolver from her waist band, pointed it at the victim's head, and demanded that he give her the money or she would shoot him." In response, the victim paid Johnson $140 and later reported the alleged robbery, the report said. The woman admitted that she met Johnson after he asked her for paid sex, but told authorities that she showed the victim the gun after she got the money, the report said. The victim told deputies that she did not want him to touch her, the report said.