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Woman charged with theft

SEBRING - A woman hired to provide in-home health care to an elderly woman is accused of stealing five rings, a report released Friday said. Ayana Smith, 33, 2338 Wrightman Ave., Lot 706, Sebring, was arrested Thursday and charged with giving false information to a pawnbroker, grand theft, dealing in stolen property, exploitation of an elderly person, violation of probation and dealing in stolen property. The arrest came after the elderly woman reported that her part-time in-home health care provider stole the five rings from her purse, the report said. Investigators discovered that Smith had pawned the rings, but retrieved the jewelry after learning the theft was reported, the report said.
When Smith met with investigators, she showed them four rings that she said were the ones she got from the pawnshop, but those were other rings than the ones she retrieved, the report said.