Letters to the editor

Greening fight gets boost

I write to express deep appreciation to some extraordinary Floridians who have "changed the game" for Florida's most iconic product.

When the president recently signed the Farm Bill, he validated the hard work of many, many producers around the country. However, Florida came out a particular winner because of the leadership of U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson and U.S. Reps. Dennis Ross (FL-15), Tom Rooney (FL-17), Vern Buchanan (FL-16) and Steve Southerland (FL-02).

Those Congressional leaders, at the urging of stakeholders such as Florida Citrus Mutual, under the able leadership of Mike Sparks, citrus growers and supporters across the state, secured $125 million in game-changing research to fight citrus greening.

Those visionary leaders understood the profound value of Florida oranges, and we owe them our deepest gratitude for translating vision into action.

For too long, Florida growers, working closely with the Florida Department of Citrus, the Citrus Research and Development Foundation, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and many other organizations, have been fighting valiantly against greening with little notice from the nation's capital. In waging that lonely fight, Florida's citrus industry has shown what makes us - and our nation - great: courage, innovation, vision and hard work.

Now we will add a new wave of cutting-edge, urgent research to the mix. The game has changed. America is united, and we stand ready to take on the day.

Marty McKenna

Florida Citrus Commission


No to mud bogging

Well, I never thought I would agree with Dale (Dobie) Gillis, but I must agree with his recent letter dealing with the mud bog or whatever they call it being considered in a beautiful part of our county.

I moved here from the big city over 45 years ago and have seen many changes, mostly for the better.

For the elected and appointed leaders of Highland County to even consider "entertainment" such as this over the objections of families who have lived, worked and improved our rural county life much longer than I, is unbelievable.

I encourage all voters to make note of any and all who may push this project through, then see that they are not re-elected or appointed to public service, ever!

We will vote the rascals out and then we will have a job to clean the mess up. The project has no merit, will attract undesirable crowds, eventual public drunkenness, ruin pristine land, lower property values , endanger lives and become a general nuisance just as it has in South Florida and other locations.

I encourage all caring neighbors throughout the county to oppose this destructive venture now before we have a similar scourge in our generally clean, healthy and happy community. Many of our neighbors have moved here to get away from such calamities.

Bob Hjort

Lake Placid